15 November 2018 1 min read

What are the specifities of the Asian (re)insurance market?

The Singapore International Reinsurance Conference (SIRC) was launched in 1991 to fill in the gap between the biennial meetings of the East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC) to provide insurance professionals a forum to meet and discuss current issues, while taking stock of developments in the reinsurance market. Further enabling the launch and preparation for the following year’s treaty renewals.


Since then, the SIRC has gained a strong reputation and loyal following, with reinsurers, insurers and reinsurance brokers all over the world attending and conducting bilateral discussions alongside the main conference, which attracted close to 1,000 registered delegates from around the world over the last three events. 



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CCR Re offers a very close relationship with each client, a long-term partnership and professional expertise based on a renewed team, with actuarial experience.


CCR Re conducts business in 60 countries around the world and has 70 years of experience in the reinsurance market with 75 professionals worldwide.



Ms Le Thi Quyen

«I have been working with CCR Re for a long time and we benefit from each other a lot. We can find a solution to help our company define a strategy for the coming year." Ms Le Thi Quyen - VNI Reinsurance General Manager.


Through the SIRC, CCR Re wishes to take stock of developments  in the reinsurance market and start preparing  for treaty renewal  the following year.



Mr Tran Trung Tinh

«We have been working with CCR Re for some time and CCR Re has been supporting us from day one, since we established our maritime treaty. We  can acknowledge that CCR Re is well rated and technically well supported. These people have been with us through the difficult times, they share with us everything they have and we also share what we have, so we are very happy to work together". Mr. Tran Trung Tinh - Chief Underwriting Officer at BIC BIDV.


CCR Re seeks to expand its business options and create strong social ties within the industry by strengthening its current role in Asia.



John Conan«Being a medium size reinsurer   enables us to be very reactive . When a customer has a query  or sends a request for special acceptance,  we pride ourselves  in our flexibility and quick response time.  Within a growing Asian market, , we plan to expand our portfolio within existing markets, such as China or Japan, but also  opening up new markets. We  also  want to support them with new products." John Conan - Non-Life Director at CCR Re.



CCR Re plans to remain an active player at forthcoming SIRC events, while continuing to develop its market share in Asia.