7 December 2022 1 min read

🎙Mathieu Halm : An optimised risk management policy

Insurance retrocession helps to optimise the use of capital and reduce the volatility of earnings. As such, it is positioned as one of the strategic axes to achieve the ambitions of the Streamline business plan.


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To pursue its growth, CCR Re can count on retrocession programmes to optimise the management of its capital and to offer the best possible support for the development of its portfolio.


This obviously requires agility to implement relevant solutions. However, this agility can only work with the support of our retrocession partners over time.


It is therefore this strong commitment to partnership and long-term relationships that enables our retrocession teams to successfully place the various programmes even in a difficult market environment.

This underwriting support required an increase in the Property Cat event coverage of the programme while maintaining the commitment to protect against frequency risk through the renewal of its aggregate coverage.

Finally, CCR Re continued its policy of accessing the financial market through its reinsurance risk securitisation vehicle, 157 Re. This sidecar successfully raised 22% more funds in December 2021 than 157 Re 21 for its fourth sub-fund, 157 Re 22.


This new vintage is displaying 87% growth since the first generation was issued in 2019.

This increase in capacity, in a tense market environment, demonstrates the interest of investors in accessing a diversified portfolio that benefits from the underwriting expertise and risk knowledge of CCR Re’s teams.


It validates the long-term partnership strategy set up with investors. Since its inception, 157 Re has fully fulfilled its role of diversifying the sources of capacity provision.



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Mathieu Halm is Head of Retrocession & Alternative Capital at CCR Re. He can be contacted at: mhalm@ccr-re.fr



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