4 September 2019 1 min read

Attracting agile talent to leverage tech [ITW]

As the speed of change in reinsurance quickens, driven by technology and new forms of capital, reinsurers must respond by ensuring they attract, motivate and keep the best people, Laurent Montador of French reinsurer CCR Re, tells Intelligent Insurer.


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The reinsurance industry must do more to attract, keep and train the best people if it is to fully leverage the technology and data now available, against a backdrop of an increasingly complex risk landscape made worse by climate change.

That is the view of Laurent Montador, deputy chief executive officer of French reinsurer CCR Re, who argues that reinsurers must get better at talent management and understand how to get the best from individuals and teams.



  Laurent Montador «This is an important subject that is not discussed enough,” says Montador. “People are essential to this industry and even more so at a time when it is changing so much. We need smart people with the ability to adapt within this changing environment.”



Montador says that CCR Re looks to attract the best graduates from universities and offers attractive packages, training and development. But in addition to attracting quality people, reinsurers need to closely examine how they use and motivate those individuals and their corporate structures.


«It is important to see this in the context of the whole team. People all have different qualities, it is a question of seeking a diverse group of people who complement each other and amplify each other’s qualities.That collective energy and vision are key—and it is very important that the industry gets this right.”


He adds that, given the international nature of reinsurance, CCR Re seeks people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, often with good language skills, who are client-focused and have the ability to take initiatives.


«There is a real strength to recruiting people with those qualities,” he says. “We operate a flat organisational structure, as opposed to more of a pyramid structure, which allows not only very fast decision-making but also more teamwork and a better experience for clients.” ...


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