10 March 2022 2 min read

Women of power - Karine Robidou

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Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your background?

My name is Karine Robidou. I am Deputy Director of investments for the CCR Group. More specifically, I am in charge of real estate and of coordinating sustainable investment. I am also a member of the executive committee.

I started my professional career as a lawyer and member of the Paris Bar.

Later, I joined a media distribution group as Director of real estate and insurance. Ten years ago, I joined CCR Group as Director of real estate.


What is it like being a woman in this position?

I receive great personal satisfaction and I am very grateful to work at CCR Group for which inclusion and diversity are major issues.


Does this change anything for you?

Yes, there is a responsibility and it gives me the opportunity to promote diversity. Diversity creates the wealth of the company

Companies that want to be sustainable must embrace more diversity equality and ensure that their stakeholders do as well.


What positive steps do you think have been taken over the past years towards gender equality, especially in the insurance and reinsurance industry?

More women are reaching positions of responsibility even if we are far from parity. But it is a good start.

Women are often present in administrative or service jobs. This is not always by choice but because these jobs are more compatible with their family life.

In real estate this is very true. There are a few more women working on construction sites today, especially site managers and engineers which is very encouraging.


Why would you say it is important to move towards gender equality? Why does it matter?

I think the place of women in the world of work is a key issue since it is through work that women gain independence.

Education has a major role to play, especially for our youth. Prejudices must be overcome at an early age. As mothers, sisters, educators and managers, us women must always remain vigilant and ready to preserve and further our rights.

There is still a long way to go from equality perceived as a right to equality as a fact in our everyday lives.


What would you like to say to women in the industry?


We must honor our foremothers by protecting their achievements. Thanks to them we have acquired rights, so we must continue their work.

Have confidence in yourself, it is important to dare, never believe you are inferior or illegitimate. Even if it's not easy, never give up! Through your successes you will change people’s minds


What would you like to say to men in the industry?


You mustn’t be afraid, help women. Respect their rights, promote them, and encourage gender diversity in governance positions. The result will be a win-win situation, we need each other.


Can you give us some positive and sound examples of this at CCR Re?


CCR Re has performed a number of actions that favor diversity and inclusion, including equal pay. There is still progress to be made but the company is on the right track.

CCR Re promotes female 'success' models and values women in management positions. These women encourage other employees by saying, “If I did it, why not you?”



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